About Me

My name is Laura Al Bayati and I am a French student. I just got graduated from the University of Burgundy where I was studying for a French MMI DUT (which can be the equivalent of a HND - Careers in Multimedia and Internet Communication). Through my studies, I have developed certain skills and I have acquired a good knowledge of some software, particularly with the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere and After Effects). I also had the opportunity to study other subjects : web integration - with the creation of many websites and web pages, graphic design and animation - through the creation of logotypes and visual identities - as well as communication and marketing. More recently I started working with 3D using the software Blender. I also like photography and drawing that I study in my training, which enhance my knowledge in these areas. To summarize, I have studied many subjects during those two years so I have got a good general knowledge and I am versatile and adaptable.

My curiosity has always been awakened by the world of audiovisual which has become today a real passion. That is therefore why my personal project is to work in the world of audiovisual and cinema. I currently make videos as part of my studies but also in a personal capacity. Moreover, I am very interested in art in general: cinema, photography, painting, graphic design, drama, dance, sculpture, and reading.

« Let’s hold on to our dreams because together we can change the world, and the world needs to be changed. Touching people, making them cry, making them laugh, can change their minds. And changing minds, changes lives slowly, and changing lives means changing the world. Not only politicians and scientists can change it, but artists as well. They’ve been doing it forever. There is no limits to our ambition except the one we build for ourselves and the one people will build for us. In short, I believe everything is possible to those who dream, dare, work and never give up.» (Xavier Dolan)

LOCATION: Dijon, Burgundy, France

PHONE: +(33) 6 52 81 12 21



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And in a few moments, the ephemeral becomes eternity